Invisalign® FAQ’s

You’ve decided it’s time to straighten those crooked teeth or that misaligned bite, but you’re weary of conventional braces. Invisalign® – the process of wearing a series of clear, removable aligners – may be the ideal treatment for you!

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Who is Invisalign® treatment right for?

Invisalign® is an effective solution for both teens and adults who would prefer a virtually invisible teeth straightening procedure. Invisalign® treatment’s cutting edge advancements allow us to treat nearly all cases – simple and complex – with the most low-profile and convenient method possible.

What is the treatment process?

Our specialized doctors will meet with you for a consultation to evaluate your smile and create a treatment plan tailored to your specific needs. Once your customized aligners are ready to go, you’ll wear them 20-22 hours a day. You’ll receive a new set of aligners every 1-2 weeks. Each set of aligners will gently shift your teeth into place and transform your smile.

Is Invisalign® treatment painful?

Since Invisalign® moves your teeth, it’s quite common to feel a small bit of pressure the first day or 2 of wearing a new set of aligners. Typically, the pain is minimal, and patients can adequately control any mild discomfort with over-the-counter medications.

How long will treatment take?

Generally speaking, treatment time is 12-18 months, but the length of the precise, digital plan mapped out by your doctors depends on your specific needs and how often you wear your aligners.

Can I take my aligners off whenever I need to?

Yes, you can take them off when you are eating, drinking, brushing, and flossing, and if necessary, for special occasions. But remember, for best results, wear them 20-22 hours a day.

How do I care for my aligners?

It is important to brush your teeth and aligners after every meal to keep them from becoming stained. Simply clean your aligners with a toothbrush, toothpaste, and lukewarm water. Hot water can warp the plastic.

What follow-up care is required?

Every case if different, but most orthodontic patients who have completed traditional braces or Invisalign® treatment are advised by our doctors to wear a retainer to keep the teeth from shifting back to their original position. Your doctor will provide you with specific instructions for follow-up care.

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